Why I Do What I Do

Do you ever feel like you are constantly struggling to hold on to your inner peace? Does it seem like the world is just spinning out of control most of the time. If you watch the news or commercials or scroll social media, the world is anything but peaceful. How can we find our own inner peace when the world is never peaceful. On top of that it seems like we have to keep striving and struggling and do more to “live our best life.” I seemed to always feel frustrated.

I have lived most of my life constantly struggling with the same inner frustrations that left me feeling anything but peaceful. These frustrations had me almost constantly questioning my faith.

I had learned about my personality through Myers Brigg in college, and it did make me feel like the authors who wrote the book about it understood me. But it didn’t help relieve those frustrations. Then I learned about my personality through the DISC system and then my spiritual gifts. And while this started helping me understand how God created me, it still didn’t help me understand WHY I was struggling with these same inner frustrations. The DISC and Myers Brigg showed me my behavior patterns and that there were other people like me, but that was it. It didn’t help me understand WHY. And everything modern culture and yes even Church told me to do, go to church more, read the bible more, pray more, volunteer more, didn’t help. It just led me to burnout.

These things along with the ever increasing noise and chaos of the world still just left me frustrated and eventually burned out. Where was that peace that passes all understanding Jesus talked about?

Then I started learning more about my personality through the Enneagram personality system. It helped me understand WHY I was continually frustrated by the same things. It didn’t just tell me “what” my personality looked like and the behavior patterns, it helped me understand the core fears and desires that drove my personality. Or rather allowed my ego to be in the driver’s seat. It also showed me what it looked like for me to be spiritually healthy.

It finally gave me hope and a vision for how God truly created me to be. Not how my ego wanted me to be.

A four year deep dive into learning about the Enneagram led me to a deeper understanding of not only why I still struggled with those internal frustrations, but the Holy Spirit also used this to show me how to let go of those inner struggles and find that peace that passes all understanding. God led me to learn more about spiritual practices that have led me to a place of peace and finding my purpose so I can live out of my highest potential instead of place of lack and fear.

It goes against culture. It means slowing down and doing what I call the slow & holy work. And it is so worth it.

This long journey has led me to where I am today. Launching my own Enneagram and life coaching program.

If you are in a place where you wonder why you can’t seem to get past the same frustrations or feel like you are constantly struggling to find your inner peace, I would love to help you. I am offering a free consultation call to see if coaching would be right for you. In this 30-45 free call we’ll talk about why your unique personality is your super power and how understanding your personality through the lens of WHY you do what you do can help you live each day not only in your purpose but with peace. If you’re ready to invest in yourself and live at your highest potential, I have 10 spots remaining for clients. During this free consult we can discuss the specifics of what that looks like for you and see if coaching is a good would be a good fit for you. Click here to schedule your free consultation call. If you don’t see a time that works for you, please comment below or email me and we will make it happen.

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