A Glowing Sky

I'm always so fascinated by the sky and clouds.  I guess that makes me a day dreamer or something. As I looked out the window yesterday afternoon I noticed that beautiful glow you see sometimes when it's been stormy and cloudy.  I walked out to see and had to get the camera. I love the glow of the clouds in these photos and the moon just appearing. Not to mention that blue sky you only get during Fall.  I hope you enjoy these photos.

September 25, 2009

glowing-sky_Sep252009_0001web glowing-sky_Sep252009_0002web glowing-sky_Sep252009_0004web glowing-sky_Sep252009_0007web glowing-sky_Sep252009_0006web glowing-sky_Sep252009_0008web glowing-sky_Sep252009_0009web

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