A Poem for You Today


When you look at the stars are you in awe?
Does the wonder of the heavens inspire you?
Have you stood on a mountain top as the colors of the Autumn valley steal your breath?
Have you stared spellbound as rain drops dance on a pond like dancers at a ball?
Does the moon’s winter halo mesmerize you on a frigid December eve?
Do you grasp those extraordinary moments of a baby’s first smile, first laugh, first steps?
Do you delight in the seemingly small ordinary things of life? The clouds, a child’s laughter?
Does the sunset painting glorious trails of colors across the sky force you to stop & bask in it’s splendor?

Remember to look & wonder & be inspired.
Remember to stand & breath & stare.
Remember to be mesmerized & to grasp.
Remember to bask & delight.

Because if we forget we forget to truly live.

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