Active: An Update

So we’re 3 weeks into 2010 and I wanted to post an update about my word of the year: Active.

The first week of the new year we all came down some sort of sinus crud which kept the “active”ness to a minimum. Kind of hard to do much more than the bare minimum when you can’t sleep because you can barely breathe. The second week was better. I exercised a few days and tried to get ourselves back into a decent routine.

This week I am happy to report has been so much better. As I type it’s Friday (although it will not post until Saturday) and I have walked 3 miles a day since Monday – 15 miles. About an hour a day of walking. Maybe not a lot to those who run (like my sister), but for me this is huge. And it just gets better. I’ve logged about 2 1/2 hours on the Wii Fit! So that averages about an hour and a half a day. On the Wii Fit I enjoy the ski jump, the 2 levels of step aerobics, and all of the yoga. Really love the yoga.

It’s been a slow week for substituting and I am so thankful. I really needed the time to be able to jump start my exercising. I’m praying that once I’m subbing more again I can adjust to walking in the afternoons.

Not only have I felt better this week, but I’ve been able to accomplish more than I have been recently. I’m notorious for planning projects for myself and then procrastinating them. I work better if I have a deadline and my own little projects really have no deadline. So increased productivity is a really good thing. I especially need this with plans I have for my photography. I really want to get busy on those plans and get them moving along. Again, though, a deadline motivates me and if I set the deadline it’s really easy for me to procrastinate it.

So there you have it. Three weeks into 2010 and I’m feeling pretty good about my word of the year. Just have to motivate myself to keep it up.

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