Adventures with a Curious Kitten

Life can get exciting not to mention funny with a kitten around. Numerous times a day I find the new kitten in all sorts of places.  Up until this week he could only get to the bar in the kitchen since he could jump to the stools and then to the counter. This week he discovered how to get up to the other counter which is not allowed since that is the counter where we cook. So for the past several days I’m constantly trying to teach him to stay off.  He’ll learn…hopefully before I lose my mind. 🙂 And of course I have my camera on hand to capture all the crazy places we’ve found him. Places like the book case, kiddo’s Easter basket, the sink, my computer desk. Thankfully we are looking at it as humorous instead of frustrating.  He gets bursts of energy and goes running and then slides across the wood floors.  So I thought I’d share some of the photos I’ve gotten of him over the past couple of weeks. He’s definitely added a bit more excitement around here.

Aug272009_0010web Aug222009_0003web Aug282009_0008web Aug262009_0001web cats_Aug202009_0002web

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