These random thoughts seem to have circled their way through my mind over the past week or so. Each different, yet the same principle, finding its way to the surface.


I look at this painting. It emerged from the story of the leppers. When I finished it I was uncertain. I wonder if more experienced artists are like this. Do they question whether they like a piece of their art or whether the image in their mind translated to the canvas. I wonder.

I’ve written of it before. This story where the ten leppers came to Jesus to be healed. He tells them to go and show themselves to the priest and as they were going they were healed. (Luke 17:14)

So often the miracle, the confirmation, follows obedience. Too often we want the opposite. We want to see the miracle, the confirmation, before we step out in faith. But as I recently heard a pastor say, “Sometimes we have to step out in faith for God to show He is faithful.”


Blank page stares at me. Nothing. Words unwilling to be coaxed. I believe there are seasons when we need to be still. When we need the quiet, to simply listen. To simply breathe deeply and allow our gifts to rest. But then the time comes where inspiration follows the movement. Where the words begin to flow after we begin putting words to page. After we begin brushing paint on canvas.

Inspiration strikes and we feel like creating. Inspiration invigorates writer, artist, musician, but we can not forget most times the simple act of beginning, of pushing through the resistance, brings the inspiration.


Why should we give thanks when the world seems to fall apart? How do you give thanks when we avoid national or even local news because nothing excellent or praiseworthy can be found? Finding graces in the midst when cancer or disease attacks yet another never is easy. Yet only in seeking the graces and gifts of each day can we learn to give thanks in all things.


In choosing to forgive we choose to obey. Forgiveness, a choice we must often make daily, until choice becomes feeling.


Healing comes after. Eucharisteo always precedes the miracle. Forgiveness is obedience.

The choice to obey leads. Healing follows after. Eucharisteo, giving thanks, always precedes the miracle. We choose to obey when we forgive. Freedom will follow after. The choice to face fear and put words to page, paint to canvas leads. Inspiration follows after.


Lead with your choices. Feelings will follow after.

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