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Below is my column at Alabama Bloggers.

Today I want to highlight another Alabama author and historian. I first met Harvey M. Jackson III when I took an Alabama History course at Jacksonville State University. I had a few electives I still had to take and I enjoy history. I am ever so glad I took one with Mr. Jackson. At the time I was there he was the Head of the History Department at JSU.

Sometime history can be a bit boring if you don't have the right teacher. Mr. Jackson brought the history of Alabama to life. He's an amazing storyteller. It helped that he had personal stories of his family to add to the lectures.

Jackson has written several books about various parts of our Alabama history. It was kind of funny when my son brought home his Alabama history book from school this year and I was helping him study when I see Mr. Jackson's name as one of the co-authors.  Living near one of our state's beautiful lakes I've enjoyed learning about the building of the dams and lakes. Rivers of History and Putting "Loafing Streams" to Work are two of Jackson's books I have enjoyed reading.

Jackson also writes a weekly column for the Anniston Star newspaper. His columns always give me such a laugh. You can read one of his latest by clicking here. He is also Eminent Scholar in History at Jacksonville State University.

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