As I Walk

As I walk I hear the slap of my feet against the asphalt. My feet doing their job even as my spirit has to push my body to do this thing called exercise.

As I walk I hear the train not so far in the distance. Something magical about trains moving through the center of town. Reminding you of what is out there but at the same time always bringing you back.

As I walk I hear a stubborn woodpecker still hammering on the same power pole. Am I that stubborn in aspects of my life? Should I be? Should I not be?

As I walk I see a box turtle crossing the road heading back to his home.  I recently learned that turtles live their entire lives within a certain area. I’m the same way. Only settling about 90 miles from where I was raised. I’ve traveled further and love it but always return. Alabama is home.

As I walk I spot a dandelion. Larger than ones I normally see. How has it been so protected the wind hasn’t blown it away? What wishes is it holding onto?

As I walk ideas form. The simple act of moving releases the creative juices.

As I walk praise songs flow from my ear buds and prayers rise up from my heart.

As I walk my chaotic mind finds its focus.

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