Over the past few years God has given me a passion and joy in learning about personalities and the different personality frameworks. I’ve personally experienced how learning more about your own personality and the spiritual gifts God created you with can make a huge difference in our lives.  Over 8 years ago, I attended a… Continue reading Perspective

Celebrate their Wins

Earlier this week I found out a friend had something really good happen for them. I can’t share what exactly it was because it’s not my story to share, but trust me, it was a seriously good thing.  And I am so incredibly happy for this friend. I love that this good thing happened to… Continue reading Celebrate their Wins

In the Midst of Grief

Disclaimer: If you are struggling and find yourself sinking into depression and unable to function normally or even if you want to keep yourself from becoming too depressed, please seek professional help.  Grief. It’s a part of life. Usually hitting you when you least expect it. And of course in our culture it feels like… Continue reading In the Midst of Grief