Autumn Reflection

I sit rocking. Mums planted in narrow planters at my feet. Flowers of fall gracing my porch. Feeling the cooler temps on my skin. Autumn. Fall.

After  what seemed like a never ending summer my favorite time of year has arrived. I love fall.

Usually here in Alabama summer fights with fall. Cool mornings overtaken by hot days too reminiscent of summer. This year though the temps seem to be cooler and fall seems to be visiting a bit earlier and hopefully remaining a while longer.

The weather cools and scarves and boots and cute crochet hats can be donned in the evenings. Pumpkins and mums and leaves changing to reds, oranges and yellows invade my vision. Weekends are spent watching football. A couple of those Saturdays spent walking around the campus of our alma mater nestled in the foothills before we yell “Go Gamecocks!”

Have you ever taken the time and simply stared at an October sky? Blue so blue it hurts your eyes. Especially so after a rain storm or a hurricane. Pollutants blown away bringing a blue so deep I’m not sure I could ever capture on camera or even with paint on canvas. Have you ever soaked in that October blue?

My favorite tree, the Japanese Maple, will soon burst into flaming red.

Even the smell of the air is different. The crispness of the morning temperatures. Planning a wardrobe for the day means layers. Midday will hang onto a tinge of summer, but the mornings and evenings sing of Autumn.

Kristen wrote this week of fall being a season of sad. Of how she feels melancholy as fall arrives. (By the way, doesn’t she have the best blog name ever?)

As I read that I thought “Yes! That’s it! This is why fall is so…well….me!”

Ask most anyone who knows me personally and they will tell you autumn fits me. Fall has long been my favorite time of year. Fall colors are the colors I wear the most. Colors I feel like I look the best in. Anyone who knows me will also probably say that my personality has a melancholy bent. I’m not a happy go lucky girl. I do not get overly excited and giddy about much of anything. Even though internally I am an emotional person outwardly I am pretty balanced. Some might even think I’m sad when I’m really not. I’m neither an optimist nor a pessimist. I am perfectly okay with this.

Perhaps this is why I am so comfortable and happy (not that you would be able to recognize the happiness) in autumn. I’m content with this space between. This space between the flurry of summer and the sleepiness of winter.

Yes. I could be described as autumn.

What season best describes you? 



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