Autumn sings to my soul.

The temperature dropped today as the clouds slowly mosied their way out. A storm blew through last night stripping the trees of their glorious Fall colors to blanket our driveway. All  morning I kept catching glimpses of blue sky between the clouds. The blue that I love. That blue that makes its appearance in the Fall.  The blue that paints the Autumn sky with such beauty that it hurts your eyes. The clouds spotted the sky with their own glory today also. Their own beauty beckoned my admiration as well.

I’ve struggled to define why I love Autumn so much considering Winter follows. I do love the colors. The oranges, greens, blues and browns and that deep red some trees grace us with come October and November. I do enjoy the bit cooler weather after a scorching hot Alabama summer. On the other hand I hate Winter so it surprises me that I love the season that ushers it in. But Fall doesn’t bring the dread of winter (even though I would happily move to Arizona for a few months during the first part of the year to avoid those chilling temperatures).  Instead it fills my spirit with a comfortable-ness.  I do love Autumn. Rich colors and that amazingly blue sky sing to my soul. And there’s nothing better than a cup of hot chocolate while sitting on the porch basking in the glow of Autumn’s glory.





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