Blank Pages & Madness

These words are from my journaling this morning. Something I let life and the world distract me from more often than I should.

The need to sit down at these blank pages, these morning pages, becomes obvious some days. Days when I stare at the screen and can barely get ten words out. The distractions not really driving me to madness, but to laziness. I too often, no almost all the time, only write when the inspiration hits. I’m unsure what drives this. Insecurity? Fear? Too much noise and distraction around me? A last remnant of the perfectionist I have mostly let go? The remnant speaking the lie that it’s not worth trying if it’s going to fail. That anything not done perfectly the first time is not worth trying.

But this is the very thing that is madness. Having a love for something yet allowing something to hold you back from it. Allowing fear and imperfection to hold back the words. It’s madness to know the tasks that help push away the fog so the words begin to flow.

Yes I need these morning pages. These blank pages where I can write unhindered. Where the words written are only shared if I choose to share them. Where my hand cramps from holding pen and slows my mind so it can open to the words our Creator will give me not only then, but throughout the day. Where journaling flows into prayer and gratitude.

I have no illusions of being the most amazingly talented writer. I no longer feel the need for competition. I am learning to be content with what words He gives me and for those who read them however small an audience that may be.

But I am learning again and again the need to put real pen to real paper. When I ignore this need I can’t hear the words He gives.

What is something you do to help clear your mind so your creative endeavors flow?

Written as part of the One Word at a Time blog carnival hosted by Peter Pollock and for Life Unmasked at Joy in this Journey

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