Busy Week

This first week of school is already half over. We're struggling with getting up so early in the mornings, but everything else seems to be settling down into a routine including the substitute teaching.  Two days in the first week of school.

I love my photography and want it to continue to grow, but I do enjoy substituting at the Squirt's school. I rarely see him when I'm there, but I like knowing I'm near.  As much as he needed to get back into a school routine and driving me absolutely bananas by the end of the summer break I do feel a bit lost once he's back in school.

So here are the photos of the day. This first one is a shot of our town's library. I had to return a book that was a day late and I was thankful for the one day grace period. I wouldn't have minded paying the small late fee at all, but a grace period is always so nice.

August 11- POTD – Our library.


August 12 – Teaching this little kitten to stay off the counters has been quite the chore. He can only get on the bar because of the stools and not the counters near the sink and stove thank goodness. He likes to lay down like this and talk to me while I'm cooking.


August 13 – When I went in to wake up the Squirt this morning I realized he had fallen asleep with his glasses on. I just grabbed his little camera so technically it's not a great shot, but I just couldn't resist capturing something of the image of him like that.


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