Catch: Five Minute Friday

I sit waiting for early dismissal of school. Fall break begins and so school is releasing early. We leave for a few days in the mountains in two days. And I am simply trying to catch my breath.

But for the life of me I don’t know why. My to-do lists have been completed and today’s is on track to be as well.

Perhaps it is the hectic schedule of the past few weeks. Unusual for me to feel like my schedule is this busy and honestly compared to most it isn’t.

Even with a spontaneous trip to Atlanta one day this week I have still managed to accomplish all I had needed and wanted to.

The spontaneity causing exercise to be pushed aside though. I think though it is just the preparation of leaving. Trying to write ahead for blog posts and doing other things so not to play quite as much catch up when we return.

When do you find yourself trying to catch your breath?

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