Catching Up

Catching up on my 365 photo project.  I did seem to miss January 29. I really thought I took a photo that day, but I can't find it on any of my memory cards. Hmmm…Oh well. No guilt.

Warning – photo heavy.

January 30 – Packing for my trip.


January 31 – Gretchen and Lucy at Scrap, Etc. brought back goodies from CHA for the design team girls.


February 1 – New York – Loved seeing the city at dusk from the Empire State Building.


February 2 – Me at Rockefeller Center



February 3 – The snow started coming down. There's nothing wrong with my camera. All the white blurs in the photo is snow.


February 4 – The architecture at the Museum of Modern Art was as incredible as some of the pieces of art it houses.


February 5 – Could possible be one of my favorite photos from New York. My sister walking ahead of me to a bridge in Central Park.


February 6 – Statue of Liberty. A cold, cloudy day. Somehow I end up visiting national sites on dreary days, but that's okay. Took this one from the ferry as we were leaving.


February 7 – The view out the plane window. We were above the clouds and that still kind of puts me in awe.


February 8 – Birthday Boy


February 9 – Putting together his birthday present.


February 10 – Just a little detail of my Tuesdays. DS has an after school activity so I don't have to pick up until later.


February 11 – Grocery Shopping. Plant City, FL strawberries have appeared!


February 12 – DS had saved his money to buy a Nintendo DS. He was so excited to finally buy it today.


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