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Throwing Clay & a Giveaway

Updated: Thank you all for entering! The winner has been drawn and contacted!

I have never thrown clay. As crafty as I am it’s one thing I had never tried. So when the awesome Rachel invited me to come to Birmingham and visit her Aunt Tena’s pottery studio, Earthborn Studios, I couldn’t wait. I had heard of Tena’s pottery before, having enjoyed dining on it at Spring House near Lake Martin. I love the colors and natural organic sense of her pottery. Her pottery is used in many restaurants including Hot and Hot Fish Club in Birmingham and The Belagio in Las Vegas. It was also featured on Iron Chef America when Chef Chris Hastings of Hot and Hot Fish Club defeated Iron Chef Bobby Flay.

Cahaba Clayworks is the home of Earthborn Studios and offers classes and instruction in pottery.  Located in Leeds, Alabama near Birmingham, it also makes for a fun girls’ night out even if you’re an hour or so away!

I have so many thoughts about working with clay. Of course I’m reminded of  Isaiah 64:8 – But now, O LORD, You are our Father, We are the clay, and You our potter; And all of us are the work of Your hand. 

I’ll share those thoughts on another day, though. Today I want to share a few photos from the experience and a giveaway from Tena.

Tena and one of the instructors, Nabeel, giving us a demonstration and instructions. They both had such a calm way of instructing and teaching us.

Rachel trying to give me some pointers my first time trying pottery on the wheel.

Nabeel helping me get my clay centered.


Some of Tena’s beautiful pottery.

Are you ready for the giveaway? Tena kindly gave each of us a beautiful piece to giveaway.

To enter just leave a comment below. I will choose a winner Friday, September 14. Giveaway open to continental U.S. residents only.

Chasing Rabbits!

I am absolutely giddy about guest posting for Jamie at Jamie’s Rabbits today! Jamie and I met through Alabama Bloggers and she is one of my favorite online friends and on occasion I get to see her face to face. Jamie has such a fun sense of humor which is probably why I love her blog since my sense of humor isn’t near as witty as hers. I am so thankful she let me share my voice with her readers today. Thank you Jamie!

Meeting Lisa Leonard

I'm a bit behind in blogging about meeting my favorite jewelry designer. Lisa Leonard was in Alabama and asked Rachel of Alabama Bloggers and a couple of other bloggers to host a meet-up.

It was the day before my sister's wedding so knowing I would be in Birmingham anyway I figured out a way to get to the meet-up. I love both the Be Still necklace as well as the mini open circle necklace. The pieces are perfect for me. Simple yet meaningful.

Meeting Lisa was such a pleasure. She is so down to earth and kind. I wish I had been able to hang out longer and spent more time getting to know her. Thanks to the world of blogging though I can keep up with Lisa via her blog and twitter. (I'm sure if you're reading my blog you already know about her though.)

Oh and of course I bought another necklace.  🙂

Frontier Days at Fort Toulouse

If you've never been to Fort Toulouse/Fort Jackson for Frontier Days it is an experience worth the trip to Wetumpka. The renactors stay in character and make it such an educational experience. You can click here for more information on the Frontier Days this year happening November 3-7. We're going on a field trip there next week so I'm sure I'll be sharing more about it soon.

First the canon at Ft. Toulouse. They do fire it. It's interesting to observe, but loud.


Within Ft Toulouse they have barracks where the reenactors sleep during the frontier days. They also have ladies cooking and baking. The bread of course caught my eye.



DS being all boy, pretending he is in a battle. 


The French flag in Ft. Toulouse.


Of course DS was attracted to the firearms. 🙂


The reenactors come out to do a drill.




The Native Americans doing a stomp dance in their historical dress. Some have turtle shells they have made into leg wraps to make music as they dance.


One of my favorite instruments – the hammered dulcimer. It makes such beautiful music.


Ladies participating in the frontier days weave yarn and dye it with natural elements native to the area. I love the blue yarn.

A sleeping tent for one of the Native Americans.


Ft. Toulouse and Ft. Jackson are located on the Coosa River.


Of course there were people in an area selling wares. These are some of the turtle shells with beans or something in them like the Native Americans used in the Stomp Dance.


The colorfulness of the rock candy caught my eye.


Puppets tied to her knee. She made them move by moving her leg around. Very interesting. She said these were predecessors of the marionettes.


Tents over on the Ft. Jackson side.


This guy was quite entertaining. He was really into his character and I love how I caught the smoke when he shot the rifle. It was very loud, too.


I can't remember who this guy was portraying, but they were really into their characters.


Again, what is it with boys and canons?


Loved the red wagon.


Saw this in the beat up road between the two areas. I don't really like hearts, but I couldn't help to snap a photo of it.


Food over in the Native American camp. Last year I was there early enough to see them actually skinning a deer. Kind of gross, but very interesting when you understand that's what they had to do to live and how none of it went to waste. They would trade the skins for anything they needed.


There were a few Englishmen near the French encampment.


So there you have it. Our little field trip in photos. If you have a chance you should definitely take your kiddos. 

Tomorrow I'll be back and starting my Daily December photo. My plan is to do a photo a day in December.  We'll see if I can stick with it. 🙂

Project Life: August 16 – 22, 2010

Welcome back to another week of my Project Life photos. Be sure to check out Jessica Turner's blog for more Project Life links on Tuesdays. Also check out the last photo's caption for a link to a music giveaway I have going on over at Alabama Bloggers.

Monday, August 16, 2010 – DH sat down pecking out keys on the piano and the little cat kept going back and forth, up and down underneath the piano hearing the sounds. It was so funny, but of course by the time I got the video camera out he was tired of the game.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010 – Every few summers when we have a hot, dry summer these spider webs or whatever they are show up in the trees. It's not very pretty.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010 – I spent a couple of days last week and this week helping a dear teacher friend of mine fluency test students at two of our schools.

Thursday, August 19, 2010 – I made the ultimatum. Either get some of the legos put away or else. So DH and Squirt pulled them out and tore the kits down and put each kit in its own extra large ziploc bag.

Friday, August 20, 2010 – Could it be? Can I actually see the carpet? I spent the day cleaning house which was much needed and thanks to DH and Squirt his room is clean. Now how long will it last?

Saturday, August 21, 2010 – As I was making my way back home from downtown I noticed a tree at the corner of the student parking lot had been rolled. Probably in celebration of the football team's football win the night before.

Sunday, August 22, 2010 – I didn't get a personal photo for today, but I had an afternoon session with a friend of ours who needed some updated photos for his website. I laughed so much during this session. He couldn't keep a serious face when I was taking photos of him and would burst out laughing which didn't help my camera shake at all, but we managed to get some good shots I think. At least I hope he thinks so. And I have a giveaway open to anyone in the U.S. of some of his music in a guest post over on Alabama Bloggers. Just leave a comment on this post for a chance to win.