Insane Courage

He walks up sidewalk through barely familiar doors. I pray for Holy Spirit to wash peace over my soul. New buildings, new routines, new teachers, new classmates. Will he find his classes okay? Will he learn to change for P.E. quickly? Will he lose his things? Will he adjust to 7 classes and 7 new… Continue reading Insane Courage

Piano Practice

Five afternoons a week I sit down with Squirt to help him with his piano and guitar practice. We have lessons one afternoon for an hour each week and we take one day a week off usually. As tough as it is some days it is one of my favorite parts of the day. That… Continue reading Piano Practice


As the children work quietly at their desks I notice him. The quietest among in the room of sixteen little souls. I search for his name on the roll. Forgotten amidst the chaos of the morning. His movements timid. Almost fearful. Eyes darting up and around. Avoidance of being called upon? Perhaps. I wonder. What… Continue reading Timid