Chalk Art

Last night was our Upward Basketball program's awards night. This year Jason Anthony returned as as guest speaker for the night. He was our speaker in 2007 for our awards night and this year his talent was just as amazing. He uses his testimony along with his chalk drawing put to music and a multi-media presentation. The… Continue reading Chalk Art

Mean Girls

I’ve been doing Beth Moore’s new bible study entitled Esther.  We watched Session Two last week and as my title today suggests it was about meanness. The one thing she said that struck me was this: “Insecurity is at the heart of every rivalry.” There are a couple of high school girls that are very… Continue reading Mean Girls


  I want to SEE. I want to SEE my world around me with child-like eyes. SEE the wonder in the most ordinary things. SEE the amazing in the most ordinary events. I want to SEE past the frustrations of parenting a child. SEE the incredible person God has created my child to become. I… Continue reading I WANT TO SEE