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I love my knit slouch berets.

I love my knit berets. Last year before going to New York with my sister I ordered a chunky knit slouch beret off of Etsy. I loved it and wore it the entire time I was there. It kept my head and ears so warm walking around the city. So after Christmas I decided to order a couple more in colors to match my coats. I went back to Etsy to find my order history and thankfully the same seller was still making them. You can visit Pandora Spocks' Etsy shop here. I've seriously considered ordering one in the lemongrass green too.

With the unusually frigid temperatures we've been experiencing here in the deep south I have really enjoyed having them to wear. I usually don't look very good in hats so I'm so happy I've found one that looks kind of cute on me. This first photo is the blue one I bought last year to take to New York. I took it along on our cruise this past October to New England where we took this photo.

And the brown one I ordered to go with my brown jacket.

And the cream one I ordered to go with my off white coat.

Getting back in the groove.

I'm here. Just trying to get back into the groove after a couple of days away and just trying to survive motherhood (some days are harder than others, no?). Lots to share. More photo sessions, my visit to Pepper Place Market, my photos of the day and lots more.

And just because I think a post needs a photo here is a  photo of the necklace I made today taken with my camera phone. A better photo of it to come soon. The recipient really liked it. 🙂


I love bright sunny Saturdays.

There's just something about Saturdays and weekends. Being able to catch up at an easy pace especially with the temp in the upper 60s and the sun shining bright. Expecting rain again tomorrow though.

I've been working on a few crafting projects this afternoon and tried a new recipe for dinner. Chicken Enchiladas. It was pretty good, but I didn't love the sauce so I'm on the hunt for another recipe to try for enchiladas. Tomorrow I'll be making hummus and pita chips.  Look for more crafty projects too. I have a few things in the works.

I couldn't decide on just one photo for today's POTD so two for today. My embroidery machine. My mother would be so proud. 🙂


DS helping his daddy scoop sand out of the truck to spread in some bare patches in the yard.


Everytime I wear this scarf I get a ton of compliments on it. Maybe I should wear it more often. 😉 My mom had made my sister one and I loved it so she made me one before my sister’s dissappeared and made its way to my house.

It’s been nice sunny, cool weather today and I just made a cup of hot chocolate. I don’t mind the cold as long as the sun is out. I’m just hoping the weather has cooled off for a good while so that we don’t have storms like we did Wednesday. You haven’t experienced fun (I say this loosely) until you’ve been in a safe area at an elementary school for close to an hour while under a tornado warning.