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Around Here

Around here…I hear the bounce of the basketball often and someone is still loving basketball even though the season is over.

Around here….golf clubs are rattling around in the back of the van again as golf season has arrived.

Around here…we are keeping warm during an unusually cold southern winter.

Around here…I’m trying to stay on top of meal planning and blog post writing and planning.

Around here…we are enjoying a rare couple of snow days with no school.

Around here…we’re learning to be disciplined in studying.

Around here…I’m dreaming and making plans for my photography.

Around here…we’re waiting for this house we’ve loved so much to sell. All in His perfect timing.

Around here…I’m reminding myself to be thankful in everything.

What does your around here look like this month?


Your Turn

If you had to choose only two books to give to people which two would they be not including the bible?

Which chore do you hate doing?

Cat or dog?

What is your favorite store?

Favorite season?

Salty or sweet?

Favorite candy?

What is your favorite word? (Keep it family friendly please?)

If you could learn to do anything what would it be?

If you could paint a picture of any scene you’ve ever seen what would it be?


I cleaned house most of the day, went to pick DS up from school and came home and folded and ironed laundry.  I'm so glad it's all finished. For now anyway.

Today's photo – my Little MissMatched socks.  Stacy Julian has mentioned her love for these on her blog and I had been wanting some. While walking through FAO Schwartz in New York I discover a wall of Little MissMatched. I bought myself 2 sets of socks and DS one set. Then the next day my sister and I are walking through SoHo when we come upon a Little MissMatched store.  I'm so kicking myself for not buying the spin-o-rama set. Thank goodness they have a website. 🙂

What a way to “support” a good cause.

Go check out this post on Brandi's blog. I totally cracked up. And it's all for a good cause. I think I  like the monkeys best. 🙂

Hump Day

I'm here. As I start typing this it's 11:56 p.m. Way past my bed time and almost hump day. I've taken my 365 photos, but have yet to upload them.

Had a fun evening with some ladies in my Sunday School class from church. We had a crafty night and made cards.

Still so many things to get done before I leave Saturday. I'm getting really excited about going to New York.  I have a lot to do before I leave though thus it being way past my bedtime. My eyes are quite heavy at the moment, but I wanted to get my address book updated in Microsoft Outlook and get it synced up with my blackberry. I'm quite happy with myself for getting that all done. That's one thing down and now about 4 more things to go (not including the laundry and packing). Tomorrow will be quite busy. I'm subbing Thursday and Friday so I've got to be very focused tomorrow.