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What’s Saving Me Right Now

Well hello blog. It’s been a minute I guess. But what better way to get back to it than linking up with Modern Mrs. Darcy for What’s Saving My Life Right Now. It’s a great reminder to stop and be grateful for the things that are bringing you life during these winter days. (Although here in Alabama it doesn’t know if it’s winter or late spring. One day the high is in the 50s and the next it’s 76 degrees.)
1. My Vitamix & fruit smoothies.
Seriously. I never knew how amazing fruit smoothies could be. Possibly because the first time I tried one it had banana in it & so I swore them off. Turns out I am loving them without bananas. I like bananas, banana bread & banana pudding. In smoothies? Not so much. And I find myself getting more servings of fruit than I usually do. As much as I do not enjoy cooking there is something so calming and therapeutic about slicing up the fruit or peeling it in the mornings that does my mind good as I begin my day. And the Vitamix? Best present ever.
2. Historical Fiction books. 
I’ve always loved to read, but I hadn’t read much fiction aside from Billy Coffey over the past few years. (He has a new book coming out next month.) Early last year I started listening to the What Should I Read Next podcast and it sparked my love of reading again. Especially historical fiction. Thank you, Anne.
3. Online libraries. 
Don’t get me wrong. I still enjoy a good trip to the library filled with books that are printed on paper, but when you are in a busy season of life being able to borrow a Kindle book right from your iPad mini is wonderful.
4. Goodreads app.
I’m terrible about keeping a list of the books I’ve read & then a couple of years later not remembering what I’ve read or what it was about. If I write the title & a bit about it down though I’m good. But other things take priority over stopping to write it down. So Goodreads is great for people like me who don’t make writing down a list of the books I’ve read a priority.
5. My Erin Condren Planner.
I still use a calendar app on my phone for appointments & meetings so it will ding with a reminder but I started using an Erin Condren Planner last year and love being able to see my to-do list for the day on real paper.
I think I’ve mentioned this in a previous post of things I’m loving right now, but it’s still a little thing that makes life a bit easier. I can order my bagel when I leave my house on my way into the office & it’s ready and waiting. All I have to do is walk in, pick it up off the shelf, and I’m on my way.
7. These Lucky boots.
I wear them almost every day. After a week of breaking them in they became my favorite winter shoes. Not surprising considering my favorite shoes for spring, summer & fall are my Lucky brand flats.
So what is bringing you life half way through these winter days?

500 Words

500 Words. It’s day four as I write this and I’m wondering what on earth I was thinking to commit to 500 words a day for 30 days. Seriously. As if I have time to sit that still each day. But alas here I am. I have always loved writing. And it really is good discipline. For the first time in at least two years I feel like the year is starting out calmly. Thank you, Lord.

I grew up wanting to be a writer. I was the child that wanted to stay up late reading. Doesn’t every child who falls in love with reading want to be a writer? I prefered to read instead of being outside playing. Do I still want to be a writer? I still want to write, but really only for myself and my blog. I have no desire to work toward publication. I will always enjoy writing. Oh, it’s hard. Sometimes trying to find words for the page is like squeezing blood from a turnip as the old expression goes. But as much as I enjoy writing it isn’t what I’m most passionate about.

I think as we grow our giftings and passions become more defined. Well, they should anyway. And mine have. I believe realizing the gifts God has given you and the passions He calls you to can make all the difference.

So many aspects go into our personalities and giftings. For me, my top spiritual giftings are craftsmanship, administration and encouragement.

Do you know how amazing it feels when you are working and serving in your gifts? It really can make all the difference in the world.

Our personalities also play a huge part as well. Knowing your personality traits are also key in finding what you love to do. (I am an INFJ/P in the MBTI personality traits?)

That doesn’t mean God will not push you out of your comfort zone though. And I feel like He’s pushing me a bit, preparing me for something although I have no idea what right now. Maybe that’s why He’s given me the word rest for this year. But I am getting sidetracked.

Right now there are a few things that when I’m in the midst of doing I know I’m exactly where I should be:

Photography. I love taking photos. Capturing memories of someone’s children at a certain age, a senior as she or he prepares for high school graduation, or God’s beautiful creation. I’m excited about the new ideas, plans, and goals for my photography this year.

Serving my church. I love the team I am on at our church. I love getting to serve there in the way I do that combines my gifts of administration and craftsmanship.

It goes without saying that husband and son of course come first. Knowing what God has given you abilities, talents, and gifts to do, though, gives a focus I think so many in this world are missing. I still do not have it all figured out. I am still learning.

My writing, art and scrapbooking will always be a source of joy and relaxation. These along with my photography are my therapy. I need these in some form each week to let my mind rest and recharge. My blog is where my writing, art, and photography merge.

I have no idea how I am going to stick to 500 words a day for a month, but I need the kickstart it should give me. Even if it means eeking out words before the sun come up or late at night when I should be in bed.

What about you? Do you know your giftings? Do you know your personality traits?


Catch: Five Minute Friday

I sit waiting for early dismissal of school. Fall break begins and so school is releasing early. We leave for a few days in the mountains in two days. And I am simply trying to catch my breath.

But for the life of me I don’t know why. My to-do lists have been completed and today’s is on track to be as well.

Perhaps it is the hectic schedule of the past few weeks. Unusual for me to feel like my schedule is this busy and honestly compared to most it isn’t.

Even with a spontaneous trip to Atlanta one day this week I have still managed to accomplish all I had needed and wanted to.

The spontaneity causing exercise to be pushed aside though. I think though it is just the preparation of leaving. Trying to write ahead for blog posts and doing other things so not to play quite as much catch up when we return.

When do you find yourself trying to catch your breath?

Photo Friday: My Neighbors

I know I’ve posted this photo before, but as today’s Photo Friday theme was “My Neighbors” I had to use it again. This is Squirt with one of our neighbors. She turned 100 years old in September. Her daughter now lives with her and Squirt likes to visit and play with their little dog named Poppy. We are so grateful they are our neighbors.

Linking up with xoxo, Trina for Photo Friday.


Hit or Miss

Well hello there. Sorry I’ve been a bit MIA the past couple of weeks. We are officially on summer break so things will be hit or miss here on the blog. I’ll be chauffeuring Squirt to golf for the better part of the month so I’m giving myself permission to take a bit of a breather from blogging. I’m sure I’ll be posting some, but most likely not on any normal schedule.

Changes are coming to the blog also. At some point this summer I’ll be switching blog hosting and platforms so much of my time will be spent learning all I need to for that move. I had thought of changing the blog name, but I’m still not sure. Brainstorming that and sketching out the design I want for my header. Lots to think about and work on.

I’m also planning to start on a writing project. And giving my mind a break from the blog always helps me write more. Usually when I say I’m taking a break I end up writing something I want to post here.

I’ll still be around on twitter and plan to tweet links to some of my older posts here.

I appreciate all my readers and I hope you all have a wonderful summer!