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This is Me.

Hi! I’m Amy. Welcome to my blog, Ordinarily Extraordinary. Thank you so much for stopping by. If you follow me on twitter you know me by @amykiane.

I decided to write this about me page after noticing new readers and well….I’m not sure I ever really wrote one.

I’m a stay at home mom who works part time doing photography and substitute teaching. I’ve been married to my husband since 1997. We met at Jacksonville State University while in college. We have an amazing, creative and artistic child who prefers to be called Squirt here on the blog. I’m a native of Alabama having been raised in northeast Alabama and now live in the east central part of the state.

I have loved to read and write for as long as I can remember. Blogging and writing are my outlets. It’s how I process. I laugh and say it keeps me out of therapy.

When you don’t find me doing laundry or substituting you can catch me writing, scrapbooking or with a camera around my neck or wrist and lately painting. I love music which is usually blaring loudly during the day when I’m home alone. There is never enough time for me to play the piano as much as I would like. I’m a plain jane. I’ve had gray hair since the age of twenty-two and I refuse to color it. I don’t wear make-up and I’m okay with that. I’m a rebel in that way.

Why did I choose Ordinarily Extraordinary? Because every life, no matter how ordinary it may seem, is extraordinary. Sometimes we have to look, but every day is filled with the extraordinary masquerading as ordinary. It’s up to us to slow down and see the extraordinary gifts of grace God gives us. Every person has their own extraordinary story to tell.

My blog first began about four years ago as a way to share my crafting, photography and our family life with friends and family. But as with everything in life it has evolved. I still share those, but I’m also finding my voice to share more of my faith journey. You can read more of that here and here. As my Squirt has grown he likes less and less for his photo to be taken and while I still share a lot about him it’s becoming more of his own story to one day tell and less of mine. So just as he has grown and I’ve grown and changed so has my blog. It’s my place to share my thoughts. I can write without needing to be perfect, write to process all God teaches me and hopefully encourage others along the way.

I hope you’ll visit again soon. And say hello so I can visit you.


Doing a happy dance! Guess what I’m getting?

I’m writing more and more lately and lugging my laptop everywhere I want to write is becoming a bit frustrating. I’ve ended up drafting many of my recent blog posts in emails to myself on my Blackberry. It’s rare my thoughts come to me when I’m sitting at the desk in front of the computer. So after researching the iPad we decided that would be my Christmas present. We planned to probably get it a bit early toward the beginning of November though in case of a holiday rush.


So Friday afternoon hubby came in from work saying he had ordered me an iPad. I believe my exact words for him when he told me were “Yeah. Right.”  Said with major dose of sarcasm. But of course I had to tease him and give him a hard time about how cruel that was via Facebook. I garnered much sympathy too.

Then while I was at the fitness center walking my 4 miles this morning he sends me an email with the subject being “so do you believe me now?”  Ummm….a shipment notification for an iPad. Seriously. Now I just have to wait for it to arrive. Thank you sweetheart!

As I Walk

As I walk I hear the slap of my feet against the asphalt. My feet doing their job even as my spirit has to push my body to do this thing called exercise.

As I walk I hear the train not so far in the distance. Something magical about trains moving through the center of town. Reminding you of what is out there but at the same time always bringing you back.

As I walk I hear a stubborn woodpecker still hammering on the same power pole. Am I that stubborn in aspects of my life? Should I be? Should I not be?

As I walk I see a box turtle crossing the road heading back to his home.  I recently learned that turtles live their entire lives within a certain area. I’m the same way. Only settling about 90 miles from where I was raised. I’ve traveled further and love it but always return. Alabama is home.

As I walk I spot a dandelion. Larger than ones I normally see. How has it been so protected the wind hasn’t blown it away? What wishes is it holding onto?

As I walk ideas form. The simple act of moving releases the creative juices.

As I walk praise songs flow from my ear buds and prayers rise up from my heart.

As I walk my chaotic mind finds its focus.

The Front Porch

Rocking on my front porch brings a peace to my chaotic mind. Filled with tasks and projects, my mind struggles to focus frustrating me even more. A vicious cycle of too many items on the want to-do list and of course the ever present need to-do list.

There’s something about the porch and its rocking chairs, something that calms my frustrated senses. With so many opportunities and so many projects I put on myself it’s easy for my mind to lose its focus. The gentle breeze and singing birds makes the hum of the highway half a mile away seem distant. The clouds drifting across the blue sky mesmerizes my weary soul and shifts my thoughts into focus. My flower filled containers brighten my vision.

Most days on the porch I sit with journal and pen in hand releasing my thoughts, frustrations and ever growing to do list to the pages. My new found hobby of knitting occasionally joins me now also. Knitting – another calming force these days, but that’s for another story.

Today it’s about the front porch. Many houses you see these days no longer have porches. I’ve often wondered why. Do they consider it wasted space or an aspect of a home no longer needed or even outdated?

Sad, really. For a porch can be your window to the world. Whether it be sitting and talking with a friend or sitting alone allowing the peace of the rocking chair and nature to fill your spirit, a porch is a blessed place. There is nothing better than a front porch and a rocking chair to welcome your visitors or comfort you when the chaos of the world invades your mind.

What about you? Does your home have a front porch? Does it have room for a rocking chair or two? How do you enjoy it?

Active: An Update

So we’re 3 weeks into 2010 and I wanted to post an update about my word of the year: Active.

The first week of the new year we all came down some sort of sinus crud which kept the “active”ness to a minimum. Kind of hard to do much more than the bare minimum when you can’t sleep because you can barely breathe. The second week was better. I exercised a few days and tried to get ourselves back into a decent routine.

This week I am happy to report has been so much better. As I type it’s Friday (although it will not post until Saturday) and I have walked 3 miles a day since Monday – 15 miles. About an hour a day of walking. Maybe not a lot to those who run (like my sister), but for me this is huge. And it just gets better. I’ve logged about 2 1/2 hours on the Wii Fit! So that averages about an hour and a half a day. On the Wii Fit I enjoy the ski jump, the 2 levels of step aerobics, and all of the yoga. Really love the yoga.

It’s been a slow week for substituting and I am so thankful. I really needed the time to be able to jump start my exercising. I’m praying that once I’m subbing more again I can adjust to walking in the afternoons.

Not only have I felt better this week, but I’ve been able to accomplish more than I have been recently. I’m notorious for planning projects for myself and then procrastinating them. I work better if I have a deadline and my own little projects really have no deadline. So increased productivity is a really good thing. I especially need this with plans I have for my photography. I really want to get busy on those plans and get them moving along. Again, though, a deadline motivates me and if I set the deadline it’s really easy for me to procrastinate it.

So there you have it. Three weeks into 2010 and I’m feeling pretty good about my word of the year. Just have to motivate myself to keep it up.