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Essential Oils 101!

If you are somewhat local to me check out my next Essential Oils class! If you’ve been talking to another member of the Extraordinary Essentials team they will get the credit for you coming! Door Prizes & a free Make & Take! Bring a friend & get an extra entry for the door prizes! For more info see graphic below or check out the event FB page.

Ningxia Red & Slique Essence

I NEVER thought I would want to drink Ningxia Red every day. I mean, I was not interested in trying this stuff when I bought my starter kit. Not in the least.
Little by little though I have come to love this stuff. I joined a challenge to drink Ningxia Red every day in July. I skipped one day a couple of weeks ago while I was waiting on my new bottles to get here. A couple of mornings ago life was a bit chaotic & I walked out the door without drinking it. I regretted it all day. My mind was way more scattered. More so than usual. And I was much more tired than I have the rest of the month when I drank it in the morning.
I almost could not believe the difference the consistency in drinking it has made.
I’ve also found a new best friend. I add a drop of Slique Essence blend to my Ningxia. Why is it my new best friend?
Well let me tell you. I have the biggest sweet tooth. I am a southern girl who likes her sweets & carbs. Unbelievably my cravings have greatly diminished, and when I do eat something sweet I find myself not even wanting it & unable to eat as much of it. Seriously. For example, I LOVE chocolate covered peanuts. Like I could eat an entire bag at one sitting love. I bought some at Target & when I opened the bag I could only eat about 8 of the peanuts. And we’re not talking clusters, but single peanuts. Seriously blowing my mind. More info on NingXiaRed. More info on Slique Essence.

What I’m Replacing

I was dropping off a bottle of Purification for someone a few days ago to her husband. When he paid me he commented, “That’s an expensive little bottle.” I laughed it off and replied, “Oh that’s the good stuff.” 

But it got me thinking. At first it does seem essential oils are expensive. I get it. When I first started learning and researching them I thought the same thing. Why would I pay over $20 for one little bottle? 
Except now I realize what all one little bottle of 250 drops can replace. So I thought I would do a post and share everything I use Purification for and compare what it has replaced.
Febreeze – $5.00
Antiseptic – $4.00 – $5.00
OTC Acne Medication – $7.00 +
Wart Removal – $7.00
Bug Spray – $10.00 +
OTC Sore Throat Medication – $8.00 +
Yes one bottle has replaced not just one of those, but all of those and then some, and I would still have plenty left in the bottle. I also use it in stinky shoes & sweaty laundry. Over $40 which does not even include tax. With 250 drops of one essential oil blend, I can treat my family without chemicals for less than if I bought just those 5 things.
If you are considering essential oils, do your research and see how you can use just one oil. You will be amazed at how versatile essential oils are. 

DIY Insect Repellent

A few weeks ago I made up a little bottle of spray using Purification as a deodorizer spray. Tonight I was sitting outside watching the kiddo play basketball and gnats and flies kept swarming around me. I came in & sprayed the Purification spray on me. Went back out and they wouldn’t come near me. Score! So here’s a little graphic with the recipe I used. With summer here this is a great way to keep the bugs off yourself and your kiddos.

Let me tell you about Frank…

Frankincense that is. Oh my I love this essential. I personally use frankincense in my homemade face wash as well as my homemade face moisturizer. If I have a bit of cystic acne appear I apply a drop and in less than 48 hours the blemish is gone. I’ve also discovered how good it is for relaxing and sleep. (Note to self: put frankincense in your evening capsule, not morning.)