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Rest My Child

Rest my child.
These gifts I’ve
Formed in you
Yes give life
But at times drain
Wounding heart.
For a time lay them
In my hands to protect.
Silent they need to be
As heart mends
And spirit rests.
Wonder why
They seem silent
Yet worry not
Safe and protected
They will be.
When needed
Once again
Quietly your spirit
Will know.
So rest my child
Silent these gifts
Need to sit
While you rest in me.


Fence rusted and old

leans inward surrounding graves.

Mother, Father visible

Other markings faded from time.

Iron surrounding this plot

for purposes unknown.

What time has worn down

Leaves stories now untold.

Sun glints off crosses

Rusted now adorning arches.

Crosses reflecting hope

Found inside this

Simple country church.

What hopes and dreams

Had these now deceased?




Participating in the “Rust” Photo Play at The High Calling Focus and at TweetSpeak Poetry.


Take this life.

Make it complete in you.

Inscribe on my heart

Your joy and rest.

Let my worth

Be found in you alone.

Keep my heart

In your perfect peace.

Wandering through

These weary days

Aching to find

Purpose and destiny.

But in this wandering

will you see

A heart longing

For only you to complete.

A Wordle

Have you ever created a wordle? I did this one day with students when I was substituting in the computer lab last year. My interest was peeked again when L.L. Barkat posted about making poems from them on Tweetspeak. Here’s the second wordle I did using my blog. The first one I’ll be sharing next week along with my thoughts. I think I’m going to try some poetry using the words also to share soon.

Just Be

Just Be

Aching to deeply feel

Not only to know.

Eyes closed I sense it.

There at edge of consciousness.

I reach toward

Struggling to grasp.

So near yet unheld.

Chaos surrounds.

Life pacing swiftly by.

Soul longing for stillness.

For within the stillness

His presence I will find.

There once again

I can just be.