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Words undo.

Fear, frustration,

splattered without breathing.

Searching for peace

amidst irritation.

The same that wrecks

At my own soul

Forgetting to guard

To use to inspire

To show His heart.

Soaking in His love.

Seeking His will

Instead of my own.

Committing my words

To give His grace once again.

Sharing with The High Calling Random Acts of Poetry.

Covered In Dust

Covered in dust

Hardly recognizable

Do you see the person

He purposed me to be?

Where am I going?

Following closely

Listening for the voice

Even though unseen.

Covered in the dust

Of the only one who completes

When you look at me

Is it a reflection you see?

Walking so closely

In the shadow

Only glimpses of me

Hoping others perceive.

Treading along

A path unknown

Forming anew my spirit

Awash in dust I’ll be.

Trusting, Obeying

Peering into eyes

Seeing soul struggling

Needing purpose

Waiting, Seeking

Unable to move

Aching to mend

Knowing only to pray

Trusting, Obeying

Hearing His voice

Urging to belief

Waiting, Seeking

Trusting, Obeying



Closing in around

Perception trumps need

Choking, strangling

Needing escape


Effecting fear

Blinding with selfish gain

Writhing agony

Shifting awareness


Pressing, forcing

Toward consciousness anew

Unbinding timidity

Unfurling with hope


Empty of Desire

Empty of desire to be who everyone expects me to be.

I want to find my voice.

Open up, be myself.

To be who I was made to be.

To be free.

Empty of desire to be fake.

Tired of feeling dead.

What more is it going to take

To tear this facade away

To be unafraid & not feel dread.

The judgement, the gossip

Sure to come my way.

Will I be able to stand

As it rips my soul

Tearing my spirit to shreds.

Empty of desire

No more within these walls

Can my soul remain.

Straining against the fear

My voice finds its song…..and soars.