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Scrapbooking: You Create

Slowly working on this scrapbook from the trip I took to San Francisco 3 years ago with my sister. Ever so slowly. Here's the next page. Thanks for looking!

Anniston Museum of Natural History & The Bermann Museum

The Anniston Museum of Natural History and The Berman Museum of World History make for a great educational trip if you live in the eastern part of the state near the Calhoun County area or if you are visiting the area. Not to mention a great cool activity for the kids on a hot summer day.

The museums are located just off AL Hwy 21 in Anniston. Located right next to each other the admission is very affordable with a pass to both museums costing only $18 for one child and one adult.


In the Museum of Natural History you can explore the various exhibit halls. From the wildlife of North America  in one hall to the savannahs of Africa in another to the mummies of Ancient Egypt and more there is enough to keep an inquisitive child like mine busy.

061810_0198 061810_0196

I wouldn’t recommend the museums for younger children. I think children 1st grade and up would do fine in the museum, but there are parts that might frighten younger children. The stuffed animals could spook a child and the live snakes (the only live animals in the museum) in the glass cased walls had me almost hyperventilating. (I have a phobia of snakes, but we’ll save that for another day.)

The Berman Museum of World History located just next door to The Museum of Natural History filled my son’s love of history and wars to the brim.  You can journey through the collections of the American West, The Art of Asia to the weaponery of World Wars I and II among others.  The museum is made up of the collections of Farley and Germaine Bermann. The Bermann’s bequethed the collections to Farley’s hometown of Anniston in 1992 and the museum opened in 1996.

While the majority of each of these museums are just look and read, but don’t touch they do have a few interactive areas for the children who visit.

061810_0199 061810_0202  061810_0203 061810_0208


This photo below is of a grooming set of Napolean. Squirt and I kept wondering why on earth he would need THAT many brushes.


So if you’re in the area and have children who aren’t too young stop by and visit the two museums of the Anniston area.

Blogger Day at Georgia Aquarium

Today I'm going to veer off my usual path of things I love about Alabama and share about the Georgia Aquarium's Blogger Day.

Did anyone else take advantage of the blogger day promotion? After having to postpone our trip to the High Museum for the Davinci Exhibit due to the snow of 2010 the weekend before I couldn't pass up the chance to visit the aquarium while we were in Atlanta last weekend.

I love aquariums. If it weren't for my son who wants to move around and see everything I could just sit and look at the fish all day. So relaxing. Here are a few of my photos from our trip.


The big push though was for their exhibit, Planet Shark: Predator or Prey which of course my 10 year old son loved. Me? I could live without the thought of sharks personally, but for a 10 year old who loves anything science related, it was great. From facts about sharks and of course shark teeth (did you know they can reproduce a tooth in about 24 hours) and how they've evolved over the centuries, it was all my 10 year old boy could ask for.

I did find the “frozen in time” display featuring a real, frozen 700 lb Bluefin tuna and its natural predator a real frozen 10 ft. adult Mako shark incredible. There were also full scale shark models, shark cages and artifacts from the movie Jaws among many other things.

All in all I found the exhibit well done and it certainly kept my 10 year old's attention and interest. The Plant Shark exhibit was definitely for older children. Some aspects could be frightening to young children.

Photography was not allowed within the Planet Shark exhibit, but Grande Exhibitions and Georgia Aquarium was kind enough to share a few promo pics with the bloggers.

To stay up to date on the latest news,  info and discounts follow Planet Shark and Georgia Aquarium on Facebook and Twitter.

Keep reading as well for a discount coupon when you purchase a combo pass for the aquarium and exhibit.

Thank you to Grande Exhibitions and Georgia Aquarium for the complimentary tickets to the aquarium and the Planet Shark exhibit.

New York, NY in Black & White

I'm itching to travel again. So I thought I'd go back through my New York photos from my trip last year and convert some of my favorites to black & white. Didn't help the travel itch. Just made me want to go again even more. But for now I'll share these favorites in black and white with you. Thanks for stopping by. Please leave a comment. I always love to hear from readers.


My recent trip

If you are interested, photos from the first 3 days of my recent New England cruise can be found on my Flickr page by clicking here. I still have a couple of days photos to edit and will then share highlights here sometime next week if my plans work out. 🙂