Today I woke before my alarm. I blame this on age. Today I spent the morning staring at a computer screen. It was all for a good reason. I’m not complaining. Today the birds were singing and the sky was beautiful and blue. Today kiddo plugged his phone into the car radio adaptor and played… Continue reading Today

Blessing or Luck

I’ve read posts lately suggesting we should not say we are blessed when referencing business or financial success. How does saying your success is a blessing come across to those who by the world’s standards aren’t as successful? Or is it just luck? I understand this. Are we telling those who do not have as… Continue reading Blessing or Luck

Well Hello Again

I disappeared from the blog for a while. First there was taking a courageous step. New routines, new places require adjustments. They aren’t easy. Never once though have we looked back with any regret. I can look back and see God’s hand preparing every step even to the smallest details. As if one major life… Continue reading Well Hello Again

The Sticker

I am so glad the election day is over. Not because of the political posturing back and forth. Although not hearing the bashing will be a good thing. I have voted every time an election was held since I was eighteen. National, state, local, I have cast my vote in each. And this year I… Continue reading The Sticker