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Foggy Morning

There is something quietly beautiful about a foggy morning.


Today I woke before my alarm. I blame this on age.

Today I spent the morning staring at a computer screen. It was all for a good reason. I’m not complaining.

Today the birds were singing and the sky was beautiful and blue.

Today kiddo plugged his phone into the car radio adaptor and played Save Me San Francisco. It was either because he knows how much I love SF & how that song reminds me of it or because he wanted his video game back. Let’s go with the first. He then did play several Chris Tomlin songs so my kiddo is awesome.

Today we were home before 4 pm. Golf practice is over. And this mom ready for a break from 12 hour days sings Hallelujah.

Today I mixed up more homemade shampoo and ‘dry’ shampoo. Over 18 months after going to homemade shampoo I still love my homemade shampoo better than regular shampoo.

Today I used essential oils to keep my husband’s hand from swelling up and avoided the need for Benadryl after a yellow jacket sting.

Today I got dinner on the table. Okay so the chicken was a rotisserie from Publix, but that pasta and beans didn’t fix themselves.

How was your day?

Blessing or Luck

I’ve read posts lately suggesting we should not say we are blessed when referencing business or financial success. How does saying your success is a blessing come across to those who by the world’s standards aren’t as successful? Or is it just luck?

I understand this. Are we telling those who do not have as much or are struggling that God is not blessing them? As if His blessing can only be manifest in financial success or possessions? There are those who do not have much as the world sees it yet they say they are incredibly blessed.

But should we not give God the credit when we do have success? Should we not give Him thanks for all we have?

in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. – 1 Thessalonians 5:18

We are commanded to give thanks in everything. Does ‘in everything’ not mean in all situations as well as for all things?

Here in Ephesians it says ‘for all things.’

always giving thanks for all things in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to God, even the Father; – Ephesians 5:20

Where is the balance is found? How do you give God the credit for all that you have yet not give others the impression that blessing always comes in the form of what the world sees as success?

Perhaps the balance is found in giving thanks for the circumstances the world would not view as success and choosing to view them as blessing. If we only choose to give thanks and consider ourselves blessed when we see the world’s definition of success playing out in our lives and not in the difficult times, are we truly blessed?

We are blessed when our spirit finds joy not in our possessions or success or even our circumstances, but only in the One from whom all things are given.

Have you ever struggled with this balance?


Well Hello Again

I disappeared from the blog for a while. First there was taking a courageous step. New routines, new places require adjustments. They aren’t easy. Never once though have we looked back with any regret. I can look back and see God’s hand preparing every step even to the smallest details.

As if one major life change was not enough there was also the last minute miracle and the long recovery. Not to mention a wonderful addition that came along as well as using my gifts serving a place I love.

My blog isn’t a business or my livelihood. It’s an outlet that comes from the overflow.

Sometimes in life there isn’t a great deal of overflow or you need to give that overflow elsewhere.

I also needed to tune out the many voices. (No, I’m not going crazy. I don’t hear voices in my head. Well, not usually. I do hear music in my head though. Even when there isn’t any playing.) No, I’m referring to the voices out there that tell you how to blog, how to find your blog niche, how to be a voice in social media, how to build a tribe. So many voices that drive you to compare yourself to others.

Nothing good comes from comparing ourselves to others.

I don’t want to be a niche blog. I want to share the things that interest me whether it be faith, art, photography or whatever. And hopefully I can encourage others in some way as I share.

As for being a voice, being heard? Most days it seems too much like a popularity contest. It’s tempting to find identity and worth in popularity. Especially being a recovering people pleaser. But that’s not where my worth is found, and I am content if my voice isn’t heard or liked.

And as for building a tribe? Well, I’ll share those thoughts tomorrow.

It may take me a bit to find my words again. They may tumble out awkwardly as I find my routine here again.

So hello again.


The Sticker

I am so glad the election day is over. Not because of the political posturing back and forth. Although not hearing the bashing will be a good thing.

I have voted every time an election was held since I was eighteen. National, state, local, I have cast my vote in each. And this year I have been at my polling place four times since the spring due to local elections as well as the presidential election. I gladly vote whether the candidate I would prefer wins or not.

No, the reason I am glad this round of elections is over, as I am every time, is I do not have to worry about the poll workers trying to put one of these blasted “I Voted” stickers on me for at least another two years. I know it really is not a huge deal. It is just a sticker you say. True, but I have my reasons. You can even consider a couple of them quirks. I’m okay with that.

1. I can not stand for a stranger to touch me even if it is just a sticker. It is as bad as being called “hon” by someone. And the poll workers here don’t try to just hand you the sticker so you can put it on yourself. No, THEY want to put it on your shirt.

2. Have you ever forgotten about a sticker that was stuck on your or your child’s clothes and washed it? Ever tried to get that mess out?

3. And since when is it my responsibility to remind people who see me that it’s election day? Are they living under a rock? Don’t they know this?

4. I know stickers are probably fairly inexpensive, but is the cost really worth the reward?

So, yes I have issues.

What quirks do you have about elections?

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