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Red clover cover medians and line roadsides. A pop of color as grass and trees revive with green.

Each year telling myself to make time and photograph it. And each year it blooms and withers before I do. The blankets of red becoming an afterthought to my spring days.

Monday woke with its own agenda. My agenda for the day wrecked. Nothing going according to plan. Reminding myself to be thankful in all things I took deep breaths and adjusted. Allowing frustration to take hold would be pointless. Working through tasks as I could making time for exercise. Choosing to complete the intervals of walk/jog outside today instead. Sunshine full on my face. Sweat beading across face and chest.

My mind wandering during art. Unsure of my next project, but some days are just that way.

Picking up my son from school I carry him to art lessons. My camera put in the van as an afterthought before I left home. An hour before his art lessons end.

The red clover always an afterthought now on my mind. Wondering if the open fields in a neighborhood I like are covered with the clover.

I park near the bridge. The bridge that enchants me. Walking a little further I come upon the fields. My wonderings correct. A blanket of red before me.

I walk. Carefully I walk further into the field. The warm spring already calling forth snakes. As I crest a slope specks of purple appear. Scattered here and there.

Almost as an afterthought.

I spent a few minutes wandering around the field and clover. Taking it all in and coaxing what I saw in my mind from the camera.

How often do I go about my days not even considering the weeds of life. Not taking the time to wonder let alone search for what they can teach me. Those situations or even people we only consider as an afterthought. Aspects of life we consider ugly, dreary and weed ridden may contain the very lessons God wants to teach us.

What some may consider weeds can bring beauty to even the most ordinary of days. Sometimes you just have to look at it with a different perspective.

Linking up (a bit late) with Peter Pollock for the One Word at a Time blog carnival.

Snipets and Grace

Hummingbirds flit around the feeders. Chasing one another, especially the red chested one (the male perhaps), away from the sweet nectar. Swooping so close at times I wonder if they will fly right into my head. My daddy will refill the feeders for a third time later that afternoon. He sits watching them. Never tiring of their antics.

Later hubby and I walk around campus. Blue sky deepening as the sound of the Marching Southerners permeates game day. “I miss walking around campus,” he says. “Me, too,” I reply. Fifteen years since we spent our last Fall on campus. Fall will always be my favorite time to go back to the foothills and The Friendliest Campus in the South. It never seems like Fall until we make it back to a football game. At least one during the season.

Today just snippets of an Autumn weekend. Continuing to count the gifts. Grace. Eucharisteo. Joy.

581. For getting through a Monday. (9/12/11)

582. For a day at Grants Mill and time spent Karla. (9/13/11)

583. For an understanding husband when plans spontaneously change. (9/13/11)

584. For a friend asking for my opinion and help with a project and their affirming words about my gifts. (9/14/11)

585. For paint and canvas. (9/15/11)

586.For hearing Rick Bragg speak at JSU. (9/16/11)

587. For hummingbirds. (9/17/11)

588. For an afternoon date with Chris to the JSU game. (9/17/11)

589. For being on campus at JSU during Fall. (9/17/11)

590. For the blue of the sky moving closer and closer to October Blue. (9/17/11)

591. For the planet in the eastern night sky. (9/17/11)

592. For time on the porch. (9/17/11)

593. For a spirit feeling at peace again. (9/17/11)


A Centennial Birthday

Can you imagine what someone born in 1911 has witnessed in their life time? I can’t really either. This is Ms. Elsie. She’s our next door neighbor. She celebrated her 100th birthday this week. She was a school teacher. She’s seen wars, the Great Depression, and so much more. So glad to call her and her daughter who has lived with her for several years now our neighbors. Do you know anyone who has celebrated 100 years?

More than a Bit Excited

Why am I excited you ask? Well because today I am guest posting on the blog of one of my favorite twitter friends. Preston is a senior at Baylor University and somehow we discovered each other on twitter and the interwebs. He has been such a source of encouragement in my writing and I am so grateful.

When Preston asked for guest post submissions for his blog to share during his time in the U.K. I jumped at the chance. As I began writing a new post I kept thinking about a post I began earlier this summer, but had not yet shared. The more I thought about it I knew it was the post I should send to Preston.

You see Preston and I both have thoughts on stars and so the post I had written and not shared was the perfect one to share with Preston’s readers. Would you visit me at Preston’s blog today? And while you’re there take a few minutes to discover why Preston is one of my favorite writers.

Thank you Preston for sharing my words with your readers.

Please pardon the progress

Hi everyone! I’m in the process of moving my blog to WordPress and redesigning. Thanks for stopping by and please pardon the progress. Still tweaking some things with the blog move, but I’m really excited! I’ll be back to my normal posting soon now that school is back in session and most of my blog move is underway.