Christmas Favorites

I left home this morning at 7:25 to go to the dreaded retail giant before the masses wreaked havoc this Christmas Eve day. Frost blanketed the ground with the 33 degree temperature. Of course there is no snow in the forecast for us here in the deep southeast. I’m looking forward to a quiet Christmas Eve at home. I’m drinking some hot chocolate and the ever present laundry is going and I plan on doing a bit of scrapbooking. If I could leave off the laundry it would be a perfect day. 😉

There are two things about Christmas that I look forward to all year long. Christmas cards arriving in the mail with photos of friends’ children add such joy to my December. I keep the photos and love looking at how they’ve grown over the past year.

The other delight is the gift that one of my dearest friends has treated me with for the past several years — homemade peanut butter chocolate balls. She knows how much I love them and it is without a doubt my favorite gift I receive each year (other than those from DH & DS of course).

So what are your favorite things about Christmas? I plan on scrapbooking these two joys that I look forward to each year. I’ll share it here as soon I do.

I hope you all have a wonderful and restful Christmas!

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