Christmas Recap

Although December seemed to fly by (doesn't it every year?), Christmas was nice and quiet and really did not seem hectic at all.

Of course hubby's brothers and their families came down. They always come down sometime the week before Christmas to open presents and celebrate our youngest niece's birthday which is right before Christmas. I have photos of her in front of a cake in the same spot from the past several years. The grandparents gave the nieces diamond earrings thus the beaming smiles. Squirt got to play with sweet Max who came along for the ride.

Dec212009_0001 Dec212009_0006 Dec232009_0018 Dec232009_0029

Santa came for a visit of course. Rock Band 2, legos and a guitar were under the tree.


Santa brought the husband a Flip Video camera. Should make sharing videos so much easier now.

The day after Christmas my mom and sister came to visit. My sister opening her gift from me. The oil pastel I did of the Golden Gate Bridge. She had no idea she was getting it.

Dec262009_0002 Dec262009_0017

My mom and Squirt. She may kill me for posting this photo, but I'm sure Pop would like to see a photo of her occasionally while he's overseas.


So there you have it, our Christmas recap. How was your Christmas?

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