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For several months now I have been doing book reviews for Book Sneeze and I always disclose if it is a Book Sneeze book review in my posts. I am beginning to do reviews of other products as well so I wanted to post a disclosure regarding reviews and advertising.

I will only review and give away products that I can honestly support and that I believe will be of interest to my readers. My reviews will always be my honest opinion. To submit your product for review, please email me at with a description of the product or services and a website link. While I will consider any product I am particularly interested in products in these categories: books, children, crafting, photography, family and home life.

In order for a product to be reviewed, a sample, which will not be returned, is required as well as for any giveaways hosted here on Ordinarily Extraordinary. Responsibility of shipping products to giveaway winners lies with the product company. I will not accept monetary compensation for reviews and I do not participate in pre-written reviews. I do accept and keep free products, travel, event tickets and other compensation.

I am considering advertising for third party ad networks and possibly affiliate programs in the future. I will do my best to ensure that these ads and links are relevant to my blog.

Any views or opinions I express here on Ordinarily Extraordinary belong solely to me, Amy Nabors.

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