Counting the Gifts

The counting. The naming each gift. Causing my mind to turn from frustrations to gratitude. Instantly a lifting of my spirit. I can easily rush through my day forgetting to stop and give thanks. But when I do how much brighter my attitude and outlook is. It’s a discipline. Self discipline has never been a strength of mine. But this I know has to become a habit. Hopefully it is. This naming of each grace.

276. A fun photo session with a senior guy about to graduate. (5/10/11)

277. No show socks. (5/10/11)

278. For feeling like I'm coming out of this funk. (5/10/11)

279. For being able to run half a mile at once again. (5/11/11)

280. For rockin’ the to do list two days in a row. (5/11/11)

281. For Words with Friends games. (5/11/11)

282. For a client being thrilled with their photos. (5/11/11)

283. For hubby & kiddo having a nice afternoon to play golf. (5/11/11)

284. For bubble baths and books. (5/11/11)

285. For morning sunshine. (5/13/11)

286. For apple sauce. (5/13/11)

287. For cooler temps after the rain. (5/13/11)

288. For birds singing as I start my Saturday morning. (5/14/11)

289. A day with cooler temps. (5/14/11)

290. Kiddo having enough confidence to video himself playing a song on the guitar & sharing it on facebook. (5/14/11)

291. Time spent with kiddo at the piano & guitar practicing. (5/14/11)

292. Watching the wind blow the tops of the trees against the sky and clouds. (5/14/11)

293. Compliment from my father-in-law. (5/14/11)

294. Afternoon light playing through the trees. (5/14/11)

295. For a church who encourages its pastor to take a sabbatical to rejuvenate and rest because they love him not because they are unhappy. (5/15/11)

296. For Sunday afternoon naps. (5/15/11)

297. For cloudy gray days to simply rest. (5/15/11)

298. For a new worship song learned. (5/15/11)

What gifts from the past week can you give thanks for?

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