Crazy Life

I know I've been a bit MIA on here lately and I've really missed it.  But life has just been a bit crazy. Now I'm not really complaining. Life is good for the most part. It could be much, much worse so please don't think I'm complaining. I just feel the need to explain my abscence from this blog I love so much.

End of school for the kiddo. I spent a couple of days helping his teacher get her room cleaned up and ready for summer. I made cupcakes for his class and he also had a field trip to Atlanta that I of course went on also. Add onto this my photography and meeting with clients and placing their orders not to mention church and life was just busy.

But of course that would have all been a bit boring so let's add in a few other crazy things. My son's dear "Graham Cracker" (aka – Granma) had two blocked intestinal arteries. There were complications when the doctor went in to do stints and they had to go back in again not once, but twice.  Finally they were able to do stints in one of the arteries. She's on the mend or so we thought. She had a blood clot in her arm where they went through to do the stints so she is now back in the hopsital to fix the clot when they realize one of her arteries in her arm is torn so a by-pass has been done in that arm. She's now recovering in the hospital.

That should be enough for 2 weeks right? Nah.

My son woke up Monday morning with what I thought was another case of chicken pox. Odd since we've had the vaccine and 2 mild cases of it, but nothing really surprises me with him anymore. Thankfully it wasn't chicken pox, but it was impetigo instead. I'm so very thankful for antibiotics right now.

But of course there's more.

I've spent 6 of the last 8 days visiting my parents with a quick 2 days back home between. Why this length of time? See the photo below.  I don't want to wish a year of my son's life away, but I'm hoping it's going to be a short year. He didn't want to let go of his Pop. DS is going to become very efficient with the webcam. Thank God for technology. I'll be back in the next few days with my 365 photo  updates and lots of other things I want to share.


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