The clock reads 3 a.m. I wonder why I am awake. Listening I wait yet my senses are not aware. Still I pray. Giving thanks for so many praying God will hold their hearts.

How often do I ignore the nudging to fall down on my knees in prayer when middle of the night wakings nudge?

I move to my favorite chair and cover with a knitted throw to push away the chill of the late fall night. Words are flowing and I need to get them on paper. To put them down before they escape once again as they are so often apt to do.

The words seem to find their way to the surface in the most inopportune moments of my days. During the times I am loathe to move and put them down on paper. Early mornings as I fight the urge to stay under warm covers. Middle of the night wakings when my body would rather sleep. Or as the house readies itself for sleep. Yes these are the moments words appear begging to be written down on paper or screen.

So often I ignore them. Not sleeping well enough some nights as it is. My mind unwilling to quiet down from the experiences of the day. Though perhaps this should be motivation to get the words down. Maybe letting the words pour out will help ready the mind for sleep even though my body begs to differ.

The struggle between flesh and mind. Isn’t this the story most of us have? Our spirits knowing the right thing yet….

We know we should forgive the person that hurt us. Our flesh telling us that it isn’t fair. Why should we forgive when they hurt us?

And so many other situations that our minds and flesh battle each other over.

How do we make peace between the two?

Perhaps finding ourselves at 3 a.m. down on our knees.

Linking up with my friend Peter Pollock for the One Word at a Time blog carnival. 

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