Raining Cats & Dogs

DS brought home his school journal this afternoon. It’s so funny looking through and reading his entries. Here’s one he wrote. I’ve typed it exactly as he wrote it except for the parenthesis where I’ve typed what he meant.  I know he can spell better than this, but I think he gets in a hurry and doesn’t think about the sounds in the words as much as he should.

“Today it’s raining cats and dogs. But I don’t thack (think) that it cood (could) rain cats and dog for rill (real). My dad said that it’s rill but I don’t duleef (believe) him. Dad said sum times he hirers (hears) meeyows and rerfs. But how did cats and dogs git (get) in there?”

He wrote an entire page on what he would do if he were principal. Now I’m off to read more of his entries. 🙂