Excuse me while I get up on my soap box.

I've had this blog post in my head for a few days. I decided to let it sit awhile before I sat down to write it.  If you wish to comment please do it with respect. It is my blog and I do reserve the right to delete comments if necessary.

John 8:7 says "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." 

The tabloids seem to be fascinated with Jon & Kate Gosselin these days and their alleged problems.  You can also find comments on various social sites about them as well. And that's what brought me to writing this post.

I've read comments where people were saying that they wanted to physically hurt Kate. I was at first shocked, but then saddened.

But what's worse? One of the commenters claims to be a Christian.

It all saddens me. I feel for each of them and for their children. I know they signed up for their show and yes, there are things like being in the media spotlight that go along with that.  Marriage is hard; being a parent is hard. And it can't be any easier in the media spotlight.

But who gave these commenters the right to condemn her in this way?

Now I know the commenters would never actually harm her, but if one claims to be a Christian how does that portray Christians to others?

I personally feel that the fascination our culture has with celebrities from reality stars to movie stars has gone too far.  Yes, it may be a part of being a celebrity, but in the end it's just their job. That does not give us the right to any other part of their lives unless we are invited and especially to the point where it puts them in harms way.

I do watch the show. It's not one I have the Tivo set for, but I do usually catch the replays of it at some point. I may not always agree with things that Jon or Kate may do or say, but it is not my place to condemn either one of them for their actions. I do not know them personally so who I am to judge what each of them does or says? Especially when there is editing being done to the footage on television and the photos in the tabloids.

There's a fine line between judging a person's character and condemning them. It is not our place to condemn a person. I once had a situation where I had to learn the hard way that although I might not condone a person's actions it wasn't my place to condemn that person.

I am thankful that God hasn't condemned me for every wrong thing I've ever done or said.

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