Fearless by Max Lucado

Max Lucado’s latest book Fearless brings a fresh outlook on fear and how we can let go of the anxiety and stress caused by it.  In Fearless, Lucado breaks down the varied types of fear.  Fears of not mattering, disappointing God and others, fears for our children, fears of challenging experiences, violence and a myriad of other overwhelming anxieties and  goes on to show us how Jesus and other saints handled and faced their own fears.  

As I read this book I often thought to myself that fear isn’t something new. People struggle with it every day. I think, though, that the timing of this book could not be better.

I’ve always enjoyed Max Lucado’s easy style of writing.  I count his children’s books as my favorites so it didn’t surprise me how much I learned from reading Fearless. What did surprise me however was how much I needed the message of it at that exact time.

As my own town is struggling with the loss of hundreds of job over the past month and deals with the H1N1 flu causing 10% of our students to be sick, his message hits very close to home. The fear and worry has been almost overwhelming at times.  Fearless reminded me that I can react to the fear by trying to control everything or by finding the courage to “never fear”. Jesus made the statement “Don’t be afraid” more than any other.  Max Lucado encourages us to rest in this promise of Christ so “we can fear less tomorrow than we do today.”  

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