Finding Emotional Rest

Emotional rest. As cliche as it is to say this our fast paced world doesn’t help the emotional unrest and anxiety most feel these days. 

Just as each person finds varying ways for physical and spiritual rest we all have our own ways of finding emotional rest. 

For me there are a few avenues that help when my emotions need a break. 

I’m blessed enough to have a couple of friends who calm me. They are the friends who I can verbally pour out my emotions to without worry. No matter what I say or what my thoughts are or how transparent I am with them they encourage me without judgement. 

Some days, most days, exercising helps tremendously. My intervals of running and walking help clear my mind. I pray during the running intervals. There is no other way I can make it through those half miles, but I know this also helps calm my emotions. 

This year, as I have made Eucharisteo my word for 2011, I'm learning how calming counting grace gifts can be. To simply slow my mind down and give thanks for each gift throughout my day brings a peace and reduces the stress.

But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed. -Luke 5:16

Finally pulling away by myself brings rest to my emotions. A warm bubble bath and letting my mind escape into a good book or simply stilling myself and praying gives a respite from the stresses of everyday life. 

How do you bring rest to your emotions?


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