Finding Rest


I’m a recovering people pleaser. Rest can’t be found in trying to make everyone like you. I’ve discovered this the hard way. The self imposed pressure of being perfect for everyone strangles.

Anxiety gripped me just yesterday. Worried I had upset a friend, completely misreading a situation. Doubting myself. Letting those unwanted voices take over. Allowing them to spread their negativity through my spirit.

My nature is to turn inward. Pity party anyone? Beating myself up replaying what if scenarios over and over in my mind.

But we’re not meant to live inside ourselves.

Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.- Galations 6:2

It’s a community of friends teaching me to rest and find peace from the pressures to be perfect, to please everyone. Friends who listen. Those who aren’t afraid to be authentic. Who accept me for who God created me to be. Faults, quirks,anxieties and all. They accept me.

Learning to rest in who He made me to be is a journey. Sometimes feeling I can reach the stars. Others I feel like I’m shuffling my way along unsure of where to go. Then those moments where I lose my footing are there.

Those are the moments I find this community of friends waiting. Waiting to help carry those pressures. Waiting to help my weary spirit find rest and confidence in who He created me to be.


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