Five Minute Friday: On Distance


I walked over to our sister-in-law to tell her a quick good-bye as she greeted friends who have come to pay last respects to her dear daddy. I look to our nephew standing next to her. But this time I had to look up, way up, craning my neck to look him in the eye.


The oldest of our five nieces and nephews. He was ten months old when I met my husband. I chased him around their house and neighborhood. Big brown eyes and brown hair. Adorableness wrapped up in an all boy toddler. 

Life moved them away to other cities. The distance only just over an hour now, but still enough to keep us from being involved in their daily lives. 

All of the five growing up. Oh sure I’ve known this. Every few months when we see them all they are a bit taller, a bit more grown looking. Each year a bit more mature. 

I miss seeing them more often, but in an odd way I am thankful for the distance. 

It’s the distance that makes me pause and reflect, to fully appreciate the young men and ladies they are all becoming. 

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