For my Daddy: Breaking News Update from Home

Okay. So maybe it's not big breaking news, but it is news.

Rachel & Tom have a new dog. Yes, I know. Not that big of news really.  Except the fact that it's a "kitchen dog" as Rachel calls it.

Yep. They have a house dog. Can you believe it Pop? (For those reading my dad is on active duty overseas and Rachel & Tom are my parents' neighbors. The fact that they have an indoor little dog is quite newsworthy if you know them.)

Rachel's ready to give her away and Tom is in love with her. She's a Pomeranian (not sure I spelled that correctly) and is named Foxy because, well, she looks like a fox don't you think. Your grandson is smitten and would have brought her home if Tom had let him. And I might have even let him she's so adorable. She even does tricks to get her treat.

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