From Bowling to Legos. More project 365 photos.

Just doing some catch up with my photos of the day.

July 10 – Bowling. My sis and I took the kiddo bowling for his first time. He did okay during the first game and not so hot the second game.


July 11 – While my sis was torturing herself by taking the kiddo to the water park (hey she started it why should I torture myself) I got up early and visited the farmer's market at Pepper Place. Loved it.


July 12 – Sunset – On my way home from a photo session in Auburn I had to stop and take a photo of the sunset. You know how I love sunsets.


July 13 – The kiddo trying to get our girl out of the house. She loves being inside with us, but I can only handle so much dog smell and shedding.


July 14 – Really because it was the end of the day and I realized I hadn't taken my photo for the day. And of course here she is trying to get in again.


July 15 – The cabbage the kiddo planted a few months ago. We had a good life lesson with the cabbage. Story to come soon.


July 16 – The kiddo has set up a lego studio and started making a stop motion lego video. We shall see if he has the patience to complete it. And of course I get this pained look every time I try to get a photo of him doing something.


More to come this weekend. A book review or two. Photos from our trips to a couple of gardens and the zoo and more from bowling (because my sister will love the shot of her rear I got when she was bowling), more photo sessions to share, and the little life lesson with the cabbage plant.

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