From Legos to Lighthouses to Pumpkins

The past 2 1/2 weeks have been a whirlwind. Mostly amazing, sometimes frustrating and lots of fun. So tonight's post is a catch up of my photos of the day. I'm getting caught up. I promise photos of my New England trip will be coming soon.  I have seriously around a thousand of photos to edit and convert from the trip, Halloween, Pumpkin Patch, a wedding & photo sessions. But for now here are my photos of the day.

Friday, October 16 – Squirt built a Lego cafe, rabbits included. According to Squirt it's not a restaurant but a cafe since restaurants have waiters and this cafe doesn't. Not sure where the rabbits come into play though, but hey he's got imagination. And 2 photos just so you get all sides.

legocafeOct162009_0002web legocafeOct162009_0001web

Saturday, October 17 – Getting on the ship for our New England cruise.


Sunday, October 18 – Our first stop on our cruise, Portland, Maine. Lighthouse tour & Portland Head Light


Monday, October 19 – Arcadia National Park in Bar Harbor, Maine.


Tuesday, October 20 – Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada. I want a summer home here. Ha! I know I'm dreaming.


Wednesday, October 21 – We were at sea all that day. My least favorite part. I like to be busy and exploring. But the sunset that night was beautiful.


Thursday, October 22 – We flew home that day arriving back in Birmingham by 4 p.m. By the time I made it back to my sister's and got my van traffic on the road home was insane so I had to snap a photo in the mirror while sitting at a redlight. I'm sure the people behind me thought I was crazy.


Friday, October 23 – My mom gave me her grandmother's sewing box on my last trip home. It's old and worn, but it's still cool. Interesting to think about all the items it held over time.


Saturday, October 24 – A cool morning, but we braved the cold for a trip to the pumpkin patch.


Sunday, October 25 – My in-laws' neighborhood has a neighborhood party the weekend before Halloween. Squirt dressed up in camoflage as a soldier.


Monday, October 26 – Hubby bought our sweet girl a rubber chicken and it's now her constant companion. I looked out the glass door to see her snuggled up with it in the sun.


Tuesday, October 27 – Sitting at the car dealership while van is serviced watching the rain pelt at the windows.


Wednesday, October 28 – Had a minor snafu with the van servicing and had to borrow my mom's car.  I had to go back to my parents' to get my mom so she could take me to get my van. I had to stop and take a photo of my beloved foothills before leaving. The reds have not been as vibrant this year though.


Thursday, October 29 – While shooting a senior session there were a few monarch butterflies on the bushes.


Friday, October 30 – Squirt and I had to make a little trip to a town about 40 minutes away for a few errands. Of course being near a Chick-Fil-A we had to grab dinner.


Saturday, October 31 – The unfinished Jack-O-Lanterns. While carving hubby had a bit of an accident with the knife and had to have some medical attention so the next morning our pumpkins stood unfinished.


Sunday, November 1 – I gave one of my best friend's a baby shower. I bought a bouquet of flowers and spread them out in my vase de pretemps. I love fresh flowers in my home.


Monday, November 2 – Look what's sitting on my counter waiting to be used. Can't wait to try some of the recipes.


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