Gift of Ordinary Time



God gives us the gift of ordinary time. Days of normality. Much needed respites.

Life is filled with roller coasters of emotion. One day my spirit seems to drift high with His presence and peace. Anxiety and inner turmoil bombard on others. Days when I wonder what my purpose is. When I ask if my simple writings will be used by Him. Days when the mundane morphs into drudgery. Days where the endless questions from my eleven year old bring exhaustion.

We all wish to float on the high days do we not? I’m often jealous of those who seem perfectly balanced and happy all the time. But who am I to judge whether they have joy or not?

The days that seem so ordinary though are truly a gift. Days where balance holds reign on the emotions. These are days where our souls rest.

Our minds need respites. Respites give our spirits freedom to breathe. It’s in these moments of ordinary time our creativity can be refilled. My thoughts and ideas emerge amidst the ordinary moments. Preparing dinner, folding piles of laundry, taking a shower. These ordinary moments can become worship if we allow.

But it’s also these ordinary moments where we can learn to rest in the silence. For they often are filled with silence. There is something to be learned from worshipping in the silence. In the uncertainty when you don’t hear God’s voice or feel His presence. Maybe this is much more so for those of us who feel so deeply. Perhaps worshipping with our silence is in its own way seeking. You may think that worshipping in the silence is simply going through motions. Yet in these moments of ordinary time and silence I wonder if it is even more important to go through those motions.

Remembering during the silence is also in its own way worship. As I’ve felt these times of silence I’ve struggled to count the gifts He sends. I have to seek them……even in the silence. To take note of the gifts. I go through the motions even when my spirit does not feel like counting or seeking. I must.

Yet in going through the motions we are still seeking and the seeking becomes worship.

Ordinary time is a grace. Grace to give our minds, bodies and spirits time to breathe and worship. For these ordinary moments of our days can become extraordinary in His grace.