Giving Up “hope”

We walked along the pathway, nervous, our expectations unsure. We asked questions and observed as we walked along this new place. As we left he was sure and somehow we all knew. God was leading this direction. The assurance I was given weeks before flowed into an unexplainable peace.

And behind sunglasses I cried.

Some times to embrace the better things God wants to give us we have to give up hope.

Giving Up “hope”

These words have been months in the writing. Even longer really. God slowly etching this truth on my heart. This truth about letting go of hope. Not letting go of the hope we have in Him, but the hope we place in situations, organizations and people. I suppose it is just another aspect of teaching me He is sufficient.

“And now, Lord, for what do I wait? My hope is in You. (Psalm 39:7 NASB)

Embracing the Hard Change

We find comfort in our normal. Changing whatever normal looks like requires time and patience. Learning to be flexible and learning to adjust is necessary.

I received a phone call last week. A phone call with exciting news confirming the direction we knew God was leading. Confirming a peace I already had about this way He is leading.

Yet it came with mixed emotions. Because to follow this path He is giving also means giving up hope on something else. It means admitting that what we’ve always expected is no longer working. It means sacrificing in some ways and reaching deep inside for will power when it feels exhausting. It means remembering I cannot find the strength within my own power. It means having faith that He will provide.

And my heart sits in the tension between letting go of the vision of this part of life we always assumed and embracing His plan.

It Doesn’t Make Sense

To embrace change, to embrace His direction, does not always make sense. Friends may look at you perplexed. Some will question. Others will gossip behind your back and still some will consider it an offense to them personally when it has nothing to do with them.

Very few will understand. It will not make sense, but can I tell you something? It doesn’t have to. What I’m learning is that usually following His direction doesn’t make sense.  And can I tell you something else? The decisions that usually do not make any sense usually turn out to be the best decisions you can ever make.

Yes, some times we have to give up hope to embrace the Hope of better things God is waiting to give us.

What “hope” have you had to let go of to embrace His Hope?

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