Grace Gifts 4/25/11


So very much to be thankful for as I reflect on the grace of Easter.

231. For encouraging friends. (4/19/11)
232. For words coming to mind in the middle of the night. (4/19/11)
233. Chris bringing home Snickers minis for me. (4/20/11)
234. Goofiness with friends. (4/20/11)
235. The laughter of my small group friends. (4/21/11)
236. Surprise phone call & spontaneous lunch with ny best friend. (4/21/11)
237. Morning sunrise about the trees breaking through the clouds. (4/22/11)
238. Easter service at Highlands. (4/22/11)
239. For the teens who will receive the handmade art journals I’m making. (4/23/11)
240. For fourteen precious two and three year olds to care for at church. (4/24/11)
241. A Savior who knows my name. (4/24/11)
242. Church of the Highlands (4/24/11)
243. Friends who are there to listen no matter the time. (4/24/11)
244. Morning moon against the blue sky. (4/25/11)