Grace Gifts 4/3/11


I’m learning. Learning that in this giving of thanks there is peace. Pausing to give gratitude for each grace in my life. Even when it seems to be winding the clock, as Preston so aptly called it, that the discipline will give way to joy.

147. My sweet little L climbing in my lap.(3/28/11)

148. A friend feeling safe enough to let the tears fall and not try to be strong with me. (3/28/11)

149. Getting all the laundry done in one day. (3/28/11)

150. Chiropractic care. (3/28/11)

151. Rain. (3/29/11)

152. An orthodontist who plays Christian music in his office. (3/29/11)

153. A friend feeling safe enough to share their pain. (3/29/11)

154. Prayers for a friend. (3/29/11)

155. Glimpse of blue peeking through sky of clouds. (3/30/11)

156. Sunshine. (3/31/11)

157. Sunglasses. (3/31/11)

158. Cool temps again so I can wear my scarves a little longer. (3/31/11)

159. Small group. (3/31/11)

160.Morning sun breaking through clouds. (4/1/11)

161. For the opportunity to work. (4/1/11)

162. For loud children overdue for Spring Break. (4/1/11)

163. For @prestonyancey linking me twice in his formica friday post. (4/1/11)

164. For Billy Coffey commenting on my blog. (4/1/11)

165. For subbing in art so a new class every 30 minutes. (4/1/11)

166. For planning period. (4/1/11)

167. SB who is always my cheerleader. (4/1/11)

168. Cloudless sky. (4/2/11)

169. Precious nine month old to photograph. (4/2/11)

170. Feeling like I got some good shots during the photo session. (4/2/11)

171. Lunch with the precious nine month old and his mom my friend. (4/2/11)

172. Kiddo’s imagination as he acts out scenes with his legos. (4/2/11)

173. For sunshine on my skin. (4/3/11)

174. For crowded parking at church. (4/3/11)

175. For Sunday afternoon naps. (4/3/11)

176. Decaf green tea. (4/3/11)

177. Piles of laundry I don’t want to fold. (4/3/11)

178. For a fun silly hilarious hashtag game on twitter keeping me up too late. (4/3/11)

179. For a friend asking me to write devotionals for her teen girls Sunday school class. (4/3/11)

180. For a slow Monday morning. (4/4/11)

181. For energy to run. (4/4/11)

182. For remembering to decide on a plan for dinner before noon. (4/4/11)

183. Leftovers for lunch. (4/4/11)

184. For a husband who loves me. (4/4/11)

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