Grilled Cheeses & a Scaredy Cat Dog

During the school year we don't go through a loaf of bread very quickly. The kiddo usually eats at school part of the week and takes his lunch the other part. During the summer though we go through it rather quickly. This summer grilled cheese seems to be the sandwich of choice. Most days I just leave the griddle out on the counter.

July 8 – POTD – Grilled cheese anyone?


If you're a regular blog reader then I'm sure you know that this is my girl. She's our sweetheart and other than probably adding 10 minutes onto our walk each morning because she sniffs everything in creation, she's a sweetheart. But a little known fact is that she's a big 'ol fraidy cat. The least bit of thunder and don't open the door because she will dart inside and not leave. And at 61 pounds she's really hard to drag out again. Most times we just give up and let her stay inside until the storm has passed. Such was the case this evening. Thankfully she just lays down and is content to be there with you.  Yes, she sits funny. She hurt her hip as a puppy and has never sat right since. It doesn't seem to bother her to walk 3 miles with me each morning though.

July 9 – POTD – The Scaredy Cat


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