Happy Accidents & Storms

It rained earlier this morning. My DS went out to draw with sidewalk chalk and came back in shortly and said it was sprinkling. Then it steadily got harder, but not terribly hard and the sun was peeking out. I looked for a rainbow but never saw one. The sun came out for a little bit and now it’s all out storming. Thunder rattling the windows. I’m not going to complain. We can certainly use it and on the bright side, my yard is now turning green again.

Was browsing through the ton of photos¬† I took over the 4th of July and came across this happy accident. FYI…being in a boat isn’t the greatest place to take fireworks photos from, but I did get one nice one which is all I really wanted. And imagine my surprise when I found this one. It’s certainly funky, but I like it.


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