He can see!

Last summer I took DS to the eye doctor just for a check really not thinking anything would be wrong. Well, turns out he’s nearsighted. The doctor didn’t recommend glasses because well, he’s a 7 year old boy and we all know how many crazy accidents and things happen to 7 year old boys and because his sight wasn’t that bad. Closer to Christmas I noticed he kept moving closer and closer to the TV until he was less than 12 inches from it. Not a good sign so back to the eye doctor we went. And the mommy instinct was correct. His sight was getting worse. He whined about it, but by the time he had picked out his glasses at the end of the appointment he was excited and has been bugging me for a week asking when they were going to be here. He’s excited about them although I think it’s going to take him a bit to get used to seeing himself in them. Kind of like him not used to seeing me without mine. He thought they were going to magnify things. It took him a bit to realize that they will just make things he sees sharper. Praying that his eyes adjust to them without the headaches and nausea that sometimes accompany new glasses. Listening to him after leaving the doctor’s was fun. He was able to see and read signs and other things he hadn’t been able to see before. Amazing.

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